Solar Extinction (rare bonus track)

from by Apa Simbetii

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It's an old track that didn't initially make the Nihil Sapient album, but it's one of the best song pre-Nihil Sapient and in theme with the others. Enjoy this dark epic of antediluvian times!


There is myth since before the Great Flood
Of a blasphemy so terrible
It was erased from all ancient records of old
Lost throughout the ages, forgotten by the world

It is only vaguely hinted at
In unspeakable books of the Occult
Glimpsed in narcotic visions of hopeless dreamers
And in the nightmares of forever lost madmen

Seldom whispered legends tell
Of the cosmic evil of ancient Hell
Of the chosen few of the Elder Ones
That descended from the stars when the World was young

"We are the Cult of the Black Eye
We worship madness in the night
Our purpose is one: to extinguish the sun
Come eternal darkness, come Iragmakhan!"

We will
Extinguish the Sun!
Centuries of plotting,
Our plan
Is finally complete!
we will
Bring eternal night!

The Cult of the Black Eye
Is gathering
the Black Mass
Has begun
Pagan ritual
Of ancient horror
Debauched extacy
Orgy of Darkness

"Awaken shall we He in the Pit
Blind Lord, abhorrent to the Sun
Hail He Who shunned the light
And Who may not exist beside it

Only rarely upon moonless nights
Doth He crawl from within His Pit
To receive sacrifices and offerings
Of gruesome nature"

"Bring forth Eternal Twilight
Of utter Solar Extinction
We welcome the Darkness
With open arms, with joy
We remove out eyes now
And offer them unto thee, oh, Nighted One
For we shall no longer need them
In the great Darkness to come!"

"Impaled angels
Cover the fields of Perpetual Night
Ruined cities, devastation
Devils fly in the pitch-black sky
We moan in rapture
As we watch our Lord's rebirth
He now rules this earth once more
With his fateful servants by his side"


from Nihil Sapient Remăiestrit, released July 31, 2017



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Apa Simbetii Bucharest, Romania

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